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Our system of residential drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation programs along with our structured sober living environments is a composite of several philosophies and techniques. Many clients resistant to “traditional” drug addiction and alcoholism recovery treatments and programs find that Solutions For Recovery is the perfect fit for their lifestyle.

We provide compassionate and individualized drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation that offers the chemically dependent person a route to recovery that is specifically tailored to their needs. This approach has been particularly successful with the following types of clients:

Clients needing a truly discreet program
Clients that have chronic relapse problems
Those in need of individualized services
Those new to recovery and treatments

 Drugs and Alcohol Treatments

Specializing in designing programs that address the values and beliefs of the people we serve, Solutions For Recovery increases their ability to engage and participate in treatment. This open ended and person-specific approach has proven to be a strong deterrent to chemical and behavioral relapse.

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Behavioral Health addiction centers are staffed with treatment professionals who are the very best in their fields. Our professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation staff work directly with the addict and the family in an effort to identify the exact nature of what needs to change. An effective mental, physical, and spiritual change is what we strive for in order for be free from addiction.

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Behavioral Health offers custom drug treatment options for individuals looking to get out of the chronic relapse cycle, or who are looking to solve their problems of drug and alcohol abuse once and for all. We offer a variety of different drug programs and alcoholism help treatments, both traditional and innovative, combining the best possible options in addition recovery.

At Behavioral Health you will find a drug treatment program where the staff, the mission and the outcomes are based on integrity, value and personal development.

For us, it is more important that you are released from the bonds of drugs and alcohol, and we use a multi-faceted approach to have continual success. Often times it is necessary for a person under the influence of drugs or alcohol to go through the drug intervention process, which helps him or her become willing to get help. Once the drug intervention process is completed, our drug detox is the first step in our alcohol and drug rehab program. Our drug treatment program can be adapted to fit the needs of any client while maintaining a strong, grounded foundation in recovery and personal growth. Welcome to Behavioral Health Network, we hope you find what you are looking for with our drug rehab programs.

We believe the best way to ensure long-term sobriety, is by focusing on a holistic approach that treats mind, body, and spirit. Along with our group and individual therapies, we offer a myriad of therapeutic approaches, designed to enhance recovery and teach our clients to become self-sufficient members of society. We also take advantage of the beautiful scenery and neighboring cities, taking clients on beach walks, hiking and nature trails, bonfires, meditation and much more.

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We specialize in creating customized, individual programs, exclusively designed to address the unique needs of our patients with a potent mix of different treatment programs and philosophies.

We understand that recovery is a very personal thing, especially for busy and successful high-powered executives. All communications are confidential, before, during and after.

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We offer a high-quality, effective, drug treatment program here in Southern California. Many of our patients seeking the finest drug and alcohol treatment come to us from other states, as well as different countries. Our dedicated team of trained professionals offers individualized drug treatment programs, which offers the greatest chance of individual success.

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